Marketing Strategy

Stand Out From The Crowd

We intend to make your property stand out from the crowd. Our unique advertising format and distinctive corporate colours draws instant buyer attention to your property. Each property is different and our team will develop a marketing program which targets specific market segments.

Depending on the type of property, First National Commercial Broome is able to design and tailor a sales campaign targeted at specific market segments ensuring the best opportunity of securing an exceptional result.

When you meet with a property consultant from our Agency, you can be sure they know the market and how to ensure the right marketing plan is established to suit your needs and the properties needs. We will take the time to explain the marketing plan and design it to attract the right buyer to your property.

We work closely with our clients to formulate a property strategy which supports their business objectives. We have invested considerable time and effort identifying buyers so by identifying these buyers we can make sure your property gains their attention.

The main focus in your leasing campaign in the initial instance should be by way of direct targeting from our established commercial alert database and we also employ a variety of strategies to ensure greater market coverage.

Our market knowledge and experience ensures the best possible terms are achieved.
  • Strong branding, in-depth market knowledge and experienced personnel mean our clients receive a highly effective, leasing and acquisitions service;
  • High quality, targeted marketing and a thorough knowledge of the markets we operate in help us to achieve the best possible results;
  • We offer a tailor-made search and acquisition service geared to identifying and securing the right property to match our individual tenant’s business needs;
  • Local knowledge of owners, tenants, corporations and previous sales transactions;