Additional Services

We place a high priority on payment of rent and other outgoings being paid by the lessee on the specified date in their leases. Where necessary we institute the appropriate procedures for payment and recovery including penalty interest on late payments where specified in the lease. 

Additional reporting includes:
  • Rent Reviews - rents being paid by tenants are regularly reviewed in accordance with market conditions and recommendations for adjustment made within the terms of each lease prior to rent review dates
  • Lease Expiry (well in advance)
  • Capital Items - showing monthly and year to date figures
  • Vacancy Scheduled – showing which properties are vacating at any given time
  • Tenancy Schedules - computerised tenancy schedules are available on a monthly basis. This will show current occupancy with any variations compared with previous years
In addition to our professional commercial Property Management services we provide ongoing services of:
  • Private Sales and Sales by Auction and Tender
  • Leasing
  • Rent Reviews
  • Capital Value
  • Insurance
  • Project Marketing
  • Investment Analysis and Sales

We can refer and co-ordinate advice from professional services for:
  • Property Valuation
  • Arbitration
  • Insurance
  • Financial Management and Investment
  • Finance Brokers
We co-ordinate all these activities to provide efficient back-up to our property management team to ensure that our clients have the best possible property services available to them.